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Men and women want to cover their grays without changing their natural hair color or texture and even more so, avoid the root effect.

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For the past 5 years, I have been working on a product that would be synonymous with freedom and comfort. My color gel immediately covers grays, while adapting to the natural hair color, without modifying the hair's structure. It fades gracefully and evenly in 5 to 7 shampoos, with no root effect.

Don't hide your natural color, claim it!


A minimum of 92%
natural-origin ingredients

Inula flower preserves and brightens color for a shiny, soft and vibrant hair color.

Oats, known for their protective and antioxidant virtues allow for maximum tolerance by protecting the skin and scalp.


Immediate coverage

The Temporary color gel can be used to focus on grays with a targeted application thanks to the applicator brush found inside the box, or can be applied to the full head of hair for optimal gray coverage.

40 minute leave-in time for a subtle, elegant and luminous result!

Also for men !

No "helmet effect" No unwanted shades No root effect

For a subtle, yet effective result!


Suitable for sensitive scalps

My temporary color gel has been tested on 270 people who identified as having a sensitive scalp.

It has also been dermatologically tested on 140 people with sensitive scalps. None of them experienced clinical signs or discomfort.

A universal color palette

4 shades that blend with the hair's natural base.


Choose the shade closest to your natural base. If in between shades, opt for the lighter shade. This Temporary color gel cannot lighten hair.


Need help?

Answering your questions

01. What are the different types of hair color?

Read my article about the different types of hair dyes here

02. How do I choose my shade ?

This line is composed of 4 universal shades. They blend perfectly with the natural base of your hair. Choose the shade that would be closest to your natural hair color for an optimal result. If you hesitate between two shades, pick the lighter one.

This gentle formulation with no oxidants or ammonia immediately covers grays naturally, however it does not allow hair to go lighter.

If you wish to transform your grays into a subtle balayage, choose a shade that is lighter than your natural base. The result will be a luminous coverage with some transparency.

03. Is this type of hair color for me ?

This color gel is a simple and temporary hair color option, with no commitment or permanent results. It will suit you best if:

- You wish to cover your first grays and keep your natural hair color.

- You wish to keep the freedom of a natural hair color without the root effect that you would get from oxidation dyes. This Temporary color gel fades gracefully and evenly with every shampoo. You can simply reapply as often as needed. The color pigments become more resistant the more you use it.

- You are a man and would like to cover your greys grays in a subtle way, without a "helmet effect", disgraceful shade or root effect. This color gel is ideal as it fades evenly shampoo after shampoo. Its applicator brush also makes it easy to target sideburns, temples and other small areas.

- You wish to cover your grays in between salon appointments.

- You are sensitive or allergic to oxidation dyes and wish to cover your grays thanks to this gentle and non-agressive hair color option.

- You have more that 70% of grays and would like to stop using oxidation dyes (maintenance being too constraining). This Temporary color gel allows to immediately cover grays with no "helmet effect" or root effect ,and have the contrast of a natural hair color.

04. What's the difference between the Temporary color gel and a vegetal color ?

Direct hair color and vegetal color are similar in that neither follows a chemical process to color hair. Color pigments simply grab around the hair fiber. The main difference resides in the types of pigments used and their hold.

In the case of vegetal hair color, color pigments are completely vegetal, hence usually henna and indigo mixed with hot water (Warning : whenever you have to mix pigments with something other than water, this indicates the presence of an alkaline agent or a light oxidant in the formulation). The hold is usually permanent, hence this hair color cannot be removed or lightened, you simply have to wait for your hair to grow back in order to go back to your natural hair color.

In a direct hair color, pigments are not plant-based. The advantage here is that there is more precision in the way the pigments hold onto the hair fiber. It fades shampoo after shampoo to avoid any root effect or disgraceful shades.

05. Is the temporary color gel aggressive for my hair or scalp?

This temporary color gel follows the process of direct hair color, which means it simply deposits pigments around the hair fiber. No chemical process is used in this hair color.

It has been dermatologically tested on 140 people with sensitive scalps. None of them experienced clinical signs or discomfort.

It has also been tested on 270 people who stated having a sensitive scalp. 94% declared that it “does not irritate the skin or scalp”.

Concentrated in oats, known for their protective and antioxidant virtues, this formula respects even the most sensitive scalps.

06.Tips for a quick and easy application.

1. Before starting, wear an old t-shirt that will become your dedicated hair color shirt!

2. Once you have towel-dried and detangled your hair, apply a moisturizing cream or my Intense regenerating balm around your face to avoid stains, this will create a protective barrier.

3. Once the application is done, remove your gloves and rinse them immediately so you can use them again next time.

07. What are Christophe Robin's tips and tricks for the application of his Temporary color gel?

- Which shampoo should I use before the Temporary color gel?

Use a shampoo with no silicones for a stronger hold of color pigments. We recommend the Brightening shampoo with camomile and cornflower or the Hydrating shampoo with aloe vera.

- My advice for a better hold of pigments:

To reinforce the hold of color pigments, you can add cellophane around your hair while the color sits. The heat allows the hair cuticle to open, hence resulting in stronger color pigment hold.

- My tips to target just the few grays you might want to hide (on dry hair, with the applicator brush) :

If you have very little grays and wish to target them individually, you can do so with the applicator brush you will find in the box. On dry hair, target your grays and let the temporary color gel sit for 40 minutes.

- My deep treatment tip if you want to save time:

If you apply the Temporary color gel only onto your roots or in a very targeted way, take this opportunity to apply a deeply nourishing mask onto your lengths to protect them from the color and to provide deep care during the leave-in time.

08. Can I use the temporary color gel if I have a keratin treatment ?

Straightening treatments can create a barrier around the hair fiber which might alter the way color pigments grab onto the hair. The efficiency of the temporary color gel can be affected.

09. Can I use the temporary color gel if I've had my hair colored with henna or vegetal hair color in the past?

Henna creates a barrier around the hair fiber and prevents color pigment hold. The efficiency of the temporary color gel can be affected.

10. Once the temporary color gel is open, for how long can I continue using it for?

After the first application, you can keep the temporary color gel for 3 months. You should simply close it with the little cap provided until the next use.

11. Can I use the temporary color gel at the hair salon?

My partnering salons offer the new Temporary color service in their locations as an opportunity to discover this new technique in expert hands. You can find the list of partnering salons right here: salon locator

12. Can I use the temporary color gel in between hair salon appointments?

Yes, if you are used to doing permanent hair colors at your hair salon but wish to space them out, this color gel is ideal to cover your grays without altering your colorist's work. The color gel will gracefully and evenly fade in 5 to 7 shampoos.

Warning: your color must be close to your natural base for an optimal result.

13. If the shade is darker than what you wanted.

The color will fade shampoo after shampoo.

14. I am a redhead, which shade can I use?

Unfortunately, we do not have a shade for redheads yet, but the Golden blonde shade is ideal for strawberry blondes.

15. If the Temporary color gel does not hold ontoyour hair

1 - It may be due to the presence of silicones (coming from shampoos, masks or styling products) on your hair. They prevent the pigments from grabbing the hair fiber. It is recommended to wash your hair with a siliconefree shampoo before applying the Temporary color gel.

2 -If your hair is very thick, leave the temporary color gel for 50 minutes.

Read my article about the different types of hair dyes here

Want to correct or enhance your shades?

My shade variation masks have a double action: they neutralize unwanted tones or enhance dull colors, while deeply nourishing the hair.

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