Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin was born in August 1971 in Troyes. His passion for colour dates back to his childhood. Two years after its beginnings, he has joined Jean-Louis David training team as an Assistant Trainer. His natural sense for pedagogy and recognition of professional qualities lead to his promotion as Artistic Manager for Jean-Louis David, for whom he would develop new hair colouring techniques. At the beginning of the 90s, at just 19 years of age, he turned the hair colouring world upside down. He became known as the colourist responsible for Catherine Deuneuve’s blond, Sybil Buck’s red-hair and Claudia, Carla,Tatiana’s colour. Through his work with these top models who quickly refused to put their hair in the hands of anyone else, he created whole new fashions in hair-colour.

Christophe rapidly earned the recognition and trust of the biggest fashion designers (John Galliano, Yves Saint Laurent), photographers (Mondino, Lindberg, Goude, Issermann) and directors (Besson). He learned how to work colour in terms of lighting and the photographer’s expectations, to achieve the desired end result.

Far from being a simple technician, he quickly became an artist and a valued advisor in a domain that has no patience with errors. Thanks to his natural feeling for light and contrast, Christophe Robin works colour in direct relation with the natural beauty of women. According to Christophe Robin, colour must bring out complexion, skin and eye-colour whilst adding a supplementary texture to hair and its highlights.

For twenty years, Christophe has responded to the expectations of some of the most demanding women of our times.

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Catherine Deneuve and her legendary blond

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the perfect balm

simplicity in its purest form

I wanted a product which combined caring and styling effects, and which could be used after shampooing, on dry or wet hair... A magical balm which would have miraculous effects on both hair and skin.

This “nomad” multi-purpose balm provides an immediate pleasure and visible long-term results. It perfectly fits into my regenerating range, known for its universal and repairing properties.

I always try to integrate the strongest concentration of natural ingredients; and this time we have managed to push back our limits with a product composed of 99% of pure active ingredients, with no additives or conservatives.

It’s simplicity in its purest form.

a concentrate of regenerating
and nourishing plant extracts

99% natural ingredients with repairing and protecting virtues
1% delicate perfume
0% conservatives, parabens, silicones, colorants…

ylang ylang
calabrian bergamot
shea & cocoa butter
almond oil
rice bran oil
100 antioxydants
texture and hold
prickly pear seed oil
inula flower extract
the hair
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the hands
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the bun
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one product,
an infinite number of applications

a concentrated
multi-purpose care

Moisturizing, nourishing, protecting, soothing, styling, this care for hair, body, lips, hands, feet,... is adapted for both women and men.

Conservatives, parabens, silicones, colorants free.

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Since its launch in June 2014, the intense regenerating balm with rare prickly pear seed oil has won its audience’s heart.
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The regenerating range
with rare prickly pear seed oil

The regenerating shampoo

Suitable for all hair types, this daily shampoo is enriched with prickly pear oil, recognized for its regenerating and antioxidant properties.
Its rich and creamy texture penetrates completely into the hair and has an instant detangling and repairing action from root to tip.
The results leave your hair incredibly nourished, smooth, light and shiny.

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The regenerating mask

This exceptional care has become since 2012, one of our best-sellers, the darling of the press and of our most demanding customers. Suitable for all hair types, even the most damaged. A powerful combination of active natural ingredients for in-depth and long-lasting action from root to tip.
In two minutes, the hair becomes sumptuous, repaired, smoothed and protected. It regains suppleness and body. Color is protected to last and its shine boosted.

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The regenerating plant oil with rare prickly pear seed oil

Repairing and protecting benefits for body and hair.
A selection of 100% plant oils for long-lasting nourishment and protection. Skin is boosted and sublimed. A light, non-greasy texture, a delicate scent with notes of Calabrian Bergamot, Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang.

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